CEO’s Greeting

CEO’s Greeting

Promoting a new generation of convergent-minded gifted and talented students with CMS Edu’s convergent thinking power education system.

Steve Jobs, Marc Zuckerberg, and Eric Schmidt…

Through imagination and creativity, these convergent-minded gifted and talented minds were able to create a new world with Apple, Facebook, and Google.

The future leaders of tomorrow require the ability to create innovative and beneficial products by seeing past the information and knowledge we currently possess.

In addition, to possess a competitive edge in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which is composed of the convergence of information and communications technology (ICT), a strong foundation of software education founded on thinking power is required.

CMS Edu is the hub of convergent gifted and talented education contents that is necessary for future generations. CMS Edu first started teaching thinking power education contents in 1997, and has now grown to be recognized as a leading ‘education company that specializes in convergent learning based on thinking power’ not only in Korea, but also throughout the world.

The reason why CMS Edu has been able to be the forefront of convergent thinking power based educational contents is because of the effort and thought placed on what our children must learn to prepare them for the future and the realization of what our children truly want to learn.

CMS Edu is constantly developing new and innovative contents, and is determined to prepare children all throughout the world to become leaders of future industrial revolutions to come.

CEO of CMS Education Co., Ltd. C.K. Lee